The electric vehicle (EV), has been the stuff of popular imagination for the economical or the environmentally-minded for decades. It was only recently that viable electric cars came onto the market. Although still a new technology, electric cars enjoy some advantages that have already created a viable niche market for them, and their potential can only grow with time.

Green Living

Electric cars are 100% emission-free, having no polluting byproducts, they draw their power from the grid, batteries, the wind or the sun. When powered from the grid they produce 57% less carbon emissions than an equivalent petrol car. When powered from renewable resources the carbon emission production can be entirely zero!
Electric cars are pleasantly quiet and less vibration whether it is at rest or in motion.

High Efficiency

Electric cars are mechanically very simple (Simple=Reliable). An electric motor is 400% to 600% more efficient than an internal combustion engine, and three times as efficient as gas engines.
Electric motors are able to produce their full, rated power at any speed. They often achieve 90% energy conversion efficiency over the full range of speeds and power output and can be precisely controlled.

Easy Operation

Electric cars are about convenience, just jump in and drive.
No refuelling necessary, just plug it into any regular domestic electricity socket at home, at work or at any of the fast growing number of public charge locations.
Driving an electric car is easy. It is fully automatic and the only thing to get used to is how quiet and relaxed driving in city traffic can be.


The maintenance and repair costs are also much lower for an electric car. This is due largely to the smaller number of moving parts. In place of an engine, the car has a battery, and baring damage the modern nickel or lithium ion-alternative car battery will last for several years. Even the brakes last longer, due to the regenerative braking design that uses braking power to recharge the battery.



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